Click or tap on a collection name as listed on the left, to see the images in that collection.  Some of the collections are large - the G. Warren Swire Collection consists of 1,967 images - while others are small: there is only one image in the Jennifer Scherr Collection

Search tips

All the images from every collection in the Historical Photographs of China (HPC) online archive can be searched for using the search box at the top right of every page.

Enter a keyword (e.g. pagoda) in the search box and, if desired, use advanced search for more targetted searches.

An album can be viewed as an entity, by searching for the album reference number. For example, 'Ar01' will return all the images in the first Armstrong album.

Photographs in albums are numbered in the same order as they appear in the original album.

Particular images for which you know the HPC image reference number or identifier (e.g. Ba05-072), can be searched for by entering that image reference number in the search box.

Loose prints (i.e. photographs not in an album) have been assigned an HPC reference -s.  So, for example, the first loose photograph in the Carrall Collection is referenced Ca-s01.  Negatives have been assigned an HPC reference -n.  So, for example, the six hundred and eight-ninth negative in the Fu Bingchang Collection is referenced Fu-n689.  Similarly, transparencies (slides) are referenced -t and magic lantern slides are referenced -m.  To search for images referenced -s, -n, -t, or –m, in a particular collection, please use the Advanced search.  For example, to see all the negatives in the Billie Love Historical Collection, enter BL-n in the main search box.  Then enter BL-n in the Identifier (HPC reference) box in Advanced search (and delete BL-n in the top two search boxes!) and click/tap on Search.

Work by a particular photographer can be searched for via the Photographers tab in the top bar.  Click or tap on the lead image to access biographical details and images by that photographer.

Featured Collections, such as those collections grouped together into the ‘Chinese Maritime Customs collections’, can be accessed by the tab in the top bar.