University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: VH02-205. Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution reference: L04357-086a. Photograph taken from the tower of Trinity Church (Holy Trinity Cathedral), looking north-east towards the Huangpu River in the background. 'Taiping' or 'Tae-ping' (i.e. 'Heavenly Peace') - the house in the middle of this photograph - was the hong of Gilman, Bowman & Co., tea traders, and the residence of William and Elizabeth Vacher. 'Tai-ping' appears to have shared a garden with Sin-tai-ping. See a photograph reproduced on page 71 of Old Shanghai's Bund by George Crow - a similar view from the church tower, by William Jocelyn, dated 1858-59. The photographs taken from the church tower, can be arranged in this order, starting with a view northwards, towards the British Consulate: VH02-181, VH02-205, VH-s01, VH02-206, VH02-207, VH02-103, VH02-104, VH02-209, VH02-210, VH02-204 and VH02-148.

Caption on mount
Shanghae over Gilman & Co's / from Church Tower
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Black and white photograph
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath