University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: UB01-20. From an album held in University of Bristol Library, Special Collections (ref: DM2520). The large sign on the right, reads, from top to bottom, right to left: 香港 Xianggang [Hong Kong] / 雅真影相 Ya zhen yingxiang/jing soeng [Ya Zhen Photography]. The sign, which was most probably outside the studio/shop of the photographer Ya Zhen (A Chan), indicates that Ya Zhen operated in Hong Kong as well as in Guangzhou. This photograph was often printed with Ya Zhen's characteristic caption in capital letters, in white, near the lower margin, in this case: HEAVENLY PEACE STREET, CANTON. Heavenly Peace Street (天平街) is described in a 1904 guidebook as follows: ‘In this street are shops for making bronze vessels (黃銅 [huangtong]), working in marble (雲石店 [yunshi dian]), and making palm-leaf fans.’ Dr. [John Glasgow] Kerr, A Guide to the City and Suburbs of Canton (Hong Kong: Kelly & Walsh, Ltd., 1904), p. 17.

Caption on mount
Street in Canton.

Estimated date
Black and white photograph
University of Bristol Library, Special Collections