University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: FD-s223. Dr Joseph Rock (1884-1962), Austrian-American botanist, geologist, adventurer and ethnologist. The Kunming was a Ford Tri-motor aircraft, photographed here at the natural landing field north of Lijiang (Likiang). Dr Rock had chartered the plane to take aerial photographs of the Yulong Xueshan range (in the background of this photograph) and the upper Yangtzi gorges. It was the first airplane to reach Lijiang. See Lamas, Princes, and Brigands by Michael Aris - on page 34 there is another photograph of the same scene, taken soon after FD-s223. The Nashi or Naxi, are an official minority group, living in Yunnan and Sichuan, China. See

Caption on photograph
The K'un-ming aeroplane near Hsueh Sung Ts'un. A few Nashi onlookers -- three hours later when we left there were 2,000. / Between the camera and the plane is Dr Rock, taking a photograph

February 1936
Black and white photograph
University of Bristol Library, Special Collections