University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: El02-17. Photo from an album (UoB reference El02). A hyphen ( - ) denotes a person whose name has not been given in the caption. CCE = Dr Charles Coyne Elliott. In the centre is the Right Rev William Wharton Cassels, Bishop of Western China.  Paoning (Langzhong). Sin tien tsi (a.k.a. Sin Diendze).

Caption on mount
1916 China Inland Mission. Paoning or Sin-tien-tsi (Back row:) Mr Kirkpatrick Mrs Kirkpatrick and baby - Mrs Large Miss Grant Mr Large Mr Park(?) CCE and Zoe Mrs Bruce Mr Bruce - - - - Mr Taylor. (Middle row:) Charles M.M.E. - - Rev Cassels Mrs Cassels - Mrs Taylor. (Front row:) Bill Betsy Dare Miss Cassels Mrs Clarke Dorothy Clarke Barbara Taylor

Black and white photograph