University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: El01-49. Roller Points on the cliff above the Yangtse River, over which the bamboo hawsers or ropes, some 600 yards long, would run. Boats were hauled by trackers along the river. The two stone cylinders are set in a frame cut into the rock, permitted tracking teams to run a hawser over the rollers and track a boat around the bend in the river. The stele just visible in the background identifies the structure as a work of philanthropy. Audemard recognized the importance of this structure and sketched it (without the inscription) (See Audemard, Louis. 1963. Les jonques chinoises. Vol. V: Haut Yang Tse Kiang, plate 19. Rotterdam: Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde. (Publicaties van het Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde en het Maritiem Museum 'Prins Hendrik' 9). See CP-s103, CP-s109, FD-s329 and Pa01-24.

Caption on mount
1914 A sharp turn on the river. Rocks grooved by centuries of wear by the tow lines of the boats going up river.
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