Charles Frederick MOORE (1838-1916), administrator, photographer, writer and notary public, was born in Manchester, England on 29 August 1838. In 1860 he began working in Hong Kong, at the Colonial Office’s Commissariat Department. He served as a paymaster for General Charles Gordon's forces in China during the Taiping Rebellion, and, for nine years, in the Imperial Maritime Customs Service in Beijing. C.F. Moore married Bibianne Yü (or Yii) (1848-1914) at the British Legation in Beijing on 23 March 1868 and the couple went on to have eleven children. The Moore family moved to British Columbia, Canada in 1885, and Charles worked as a notary public. He died in Victoria BC on 21 June 1916. Surviving glass plate negatives (MS-3171) and an album (MS-3171.1) are among items held at the BC Archives, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. These negatives depict in particular scenes in and around Beijing, including the Imperial Observatory (北京古观象台), the British Legation, Legation Street, the Pool of the Black Dragon (黑龙潭) and other temples, but also views in Hangzhou, Zhapu and elsewhere. Notably among these negatives, there are more than a dozen photographs of the ruins of the European-style palaces at Yuanmingyuan (圆明园), the 'Old Summer Palace', Beijing. See blog by Jamie Carstairs Charles Frederick Moore (1837-1916), a photographer in China