• University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Ro-n1043. Photograph taken outside the Canidrome. Elsie Lee Soong was born in Oregon, USA. This photograph was published in an unidentified newspaper (probably a Shanghai daily) with the caption: “Here is a bit of feminine charm thrown in with medical supplies and bundles of bandages for the wounded.  Mrs. Elsie Lee Soong, in riding togs, is shown shortly before she left with two truck loads of supplies for Soochow late Friday afternoon.  Mme. H.H. Kung’s organization contributed three fourths of the consignment and the Shanghai Emergency Relief Society and the Chinese Women’s Club contributed the balance.”  Source: the newspaper clipping is in a scrap book about the Battle of Shanghai in 1937, in the Randall Gould Papers at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  The scrap book is in Box 9 of this collection. 
  • See also an article in 'The Argus' (17 February 1938):
  • See Ro-n0045Ro-n1044, Ro-n1045, Ro-s099.
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