University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: RD-s140. Number on print: 4. S.S. Jade driven on to Green Island. This photograph of the cargo ship taken after the typhoon of 18th August 1923. The registered name of this ship in Lloyd's Register was SUN TAK. She is also known as ‘Shun Tak’. SUN TAK was built in 1888 by Hawthorn Leslie & Co. Ltd., Hebburn, 1394 gross tons. Launched for Imperial Mail Line, China as MEI SHIH but completed for Formosa Trading Corp. (Hopkins, Dunn & Co. mgrs), Keelung as SMITH. 1893 t/f to Government of Formosa, Keelung. 1895 t/f to A.A.L.B. Clonebaugh, Keelung r. MARTHA. 1896 t/f to Government of China, Nanking r. SMITH. 1896 registered for Chinese Government at Shanghai renamed WO-NING. 1899 sold to Marty & d’Abbadie, Haiphong renamed HUE. 1918 sold to Tung Hing S.S. Co. (Captain J.R. Braga mgr), Macao renamed SUN TAK. Blown ashore on Green Island, Hong Kong in August 1923 typhoon, NFI. Removed from Lloyd's Register in 1927-28 edition. See RD-s136 and RD-s138.

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August 1923
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