Historical Photographs of China reference for this set: Nh19. Ytang - Leshan 樂山 and Emei Shan 峨眉山. A card from Y. Tang (Tang Yao 唐燿) to Dorothy Needham with two photographs, one of the giant buddha statue, the other of Temple of Wu-Yu Wu you si 烏有寺 at Chiating (Jiading) 嘉定 (now Leshan 樂山), Szechuan (Sichuan) 四川. Photographs from Tang Yao 唐燿. Photographs from the collection may be reproduced only with written permission. For permissions, contact the Librarian, East Asian History of Science Library, Needham Research Institute. Further information about the library and the ‘Joseph Needham Photographs – Wartime China, 1943-1946’:

Caption on mount
To Dr. Dorothy Needham, remembrance from Y. Tang jan. 19 1945 大佛 Image of big Buddha, Kiating, Temple of Wu-yu, Kiating.

Estimated date
26 May 1943 - 30 May 1943
Black and white photograph