Historical Photographs of China reference for this set: Nh18. Medium - Miscellaneous medium-sized photographs 其它中型照片.

Buildings of the SBSCO / Sino-British Science
Co-operation Office (Zhong ying ke xue he zuo guan 中英科學合作館), no 1.
Sheng li xin cun, Liang fu lu, Chungking (Chongqing) (重慶市兩浮路勝利新村一號).
Left is the main building, behind it is the pink house, where Chinese
staff lived and which housed the book and periodical department, and
top right is house of the British naval attaché

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Caption on mount
Chungking. Left: The British Council House; Centre: The 'Pink House' secretarial (dormitory for Chinese staff and also book and periodical department); right: The Naval Attache's house.

Estimated date
10 October 1943
Black and white photograph
Needham Research Institute, Cambridge