Historical Photographs of China reference for this set: Nh18. Medium - Miscellaneous medium-sized photographs 其它中型照片.

(left to right) (unidentified man), Sun Kuang-chun
(Sun Guangjun 孫光俊), Wang Wan-sheng (Wang Wansheng 王萬盛), Ku Ting-peng
(Gu Tingpeng 顧廷鵬), Lo Chi-Mei (Luo Jimei) 羅寄梅, Lo Fang (Luo Fang) 羅芳,
Rewi Alley, Assistant Lama, Yi Lama 易喇嘛, Wu Tso-Rjen (Wu Zuoren 吳作人)
and Joseph Needham at a dinner, hosted by Lo Chi-Mei and Lo Fang, which
included chocolate cake, at Chienfotung (Qianfodong) 千佛洞, Tunhuang
(Dunhuang) 敦煌.

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Estimated date
28 August 1944
Black and white photograph