Historical Photographs of China reference for this set: Nh08. Miscellaneous 雜項. Dorothy Needham and Joseph Needham holding up a silk banner embroidered with the words The everlasting spring of scientific knowledge (ke xue quan yuan 科學泉源) presented to them by 18 Chinese scholars, with Tseng Sheng (Zeng Sheng 曾省) (1st right), Mrs. P.M. Roxby (2nd right), Peng Yuing-Hua (Peng Ronghua 彭榮華) (3rd right), Lo Chung-Shu (Luo Zhongshu 羅忠恕) (2nd row 2nd left), Li Fang-Hsun (Li Fangxun 李方訓) (front row 2nd left), Hou Bao-Chang (Hou Baozhang 侯寳璋) (2nd row 1st left), Ho Wen-Chun (He Wenjun 何文俊) (back left), and others, Chengtu (Chengtu) 成都. Photograph by Li Fangxun 李方訓. Photographs from the collection may be reproduced only with written permission. For permissions, contact the Librarian, East Asian History of Science Library, Needham Research Institute. Further information about the library and the ‘Joseph Needham Photographs – Wartime China, 1943-1946’:

Caption on mount
Group photo including Joseph and Dophi.

Estimated date
3 October 1945 - 4 October 1945
Black and white photograph
Needham Research Institute, Cambridge