Historical Photographs of China reference for this set: Nh04. Southwest Journey 西南之旅.

Hsu Lang-Kuang (Xu Liangguang 許良光) (right), his
wife (2nd right), Dorothy Needham (hidden), Fei Hsiao-Tung (Fei
Xiaotong 費孝通) (left) and an unidentified woman lunching at the
Yunnan-Yenching Institute of Sociological and Anthropological Research
(Guo li Yun nan da xue Yun nan Yan jing she hui xue yu ren lei xue yan
jiu suo 國立雲南大學雲南燕京社會學與人類學研究所) housed in a temple (Kui Ge Lou 奎阁楼) at
Ch'engkung (Chenggong) 呈貢 near Kunming 昆明

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Caption on mount
Dr. Hsu Lang-Kuang and other anthropologists at lunch, Chienkung.

Estimated date
2 September 1944
Black and white photograph
Needham Research Institute, Cambridge