University of Bristol – Historical Photographs of China reference number: GJ02-31. George Johnson is standing in the centre. GJ02-31. On the sign above the entrance: 保衛閭閻 (Baowei Lvyan). This broadly refers to protecting our people. There are two smaller signs fixed on each side of the entrance, about in the middle of the wall. On the sign on the right-hand: 營務重地 (Yinwu Zhongdi), i.e. ‘This is an important military site'. On the sign on the left-hand side: 禁止喧嘩 (Jinzhi Xuanhua), i.e. ‘Do not make a scene’. The large signs fixed on each side of the entrance compliment the ability of the Chinese military force. See GJ02-01 (same place).

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Outside Chinese Barracks.
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