University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: GA01-037.  The exterior of the Upper North Taku Fort on the Peiho River.  Photograph by Felice Beato, taken on or shortly after 22 August 1860.  67th = 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot (which was the regiment Atchison served in). The caption in the album indicates that the picture was taken on August 21 1860, the same day of the capture of the fort. However, we know that during the afternoon of the 21st a violent storm raged for hours (see 'Of Battle and Beauty', page 139).  The flooded landscape indicates that the exposure was made on August 22nd or later.  See "Of Battle and Beauty - Felice Beato's Photographs of China" by David Harris (Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1999) - Catalogue 13.

Caption on mount
Exterior view of Upper North Taku Fort, shewing the left angle assaulted by the French, and centre gateway entered by the English. Augt. 21st 1860. (Flag of the 67th on the right.)

August 1860
299mm x 227mm
Black and white photograph