James Dearden HOLMES (1873-1937) was a British photographer and Quaker, born into a family of grocers in Leeds, England in March 1873.  After his father died and his brother took over the grocery business, Dearden Holmes seems to have moved to London. In c.1924-1927 he undertook a world photographic tour, visiting country after country, photographing with a stereoscopic camera. He was in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year on 13th Feb 1926 and arrived in Shanghai on the ss Khiva on 24th Feb 1926. Dearden Holmes' stereoscopic photographs were published by Sunbeam Tours, and also issued free with packets of cigarettes, for example the Army Club Cigarettes series ‘Peeps Into Many Lands’.  A pair of the cards could be viewed with a Camerscope, which gave depth to the flat photographs so that they appeared to be three dimensional. He died in Shanklin, Isle of Wight on 24 June 1937.